Our service during your stay at the German Heart Centre

We offer a variety of services to help you plan and make life easier for you during your stay and upon discharge, so that with our optimal support you can concentrate wholly on getting well again:

Patients from different cultures

Quite a large percentage of our patients are not from Germany. Interpreter services are available for such patients (e.g. for Arabic speaking patients). If required, our kitchen staff can put on special menus that are prepared in keeping with religious beliefs.

Your catering:
Food has a high value in our hospital. The kitchen team does his best to fulfil the needs and wishes and meet at the same time the requirements of a healthy and high-quality kitchen. The food is prepared through 20 employees according to medical basis and health principles, for example with less salt, less fat (esp. animal fats) and also not to sharp spices. The ward doctor prescribes the appropriate diet for you, and the diet assistants question daily every new patient about allergies, intolerance and also about food wishes.

The offer of our kitchen consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. You find the weekly food menu on the notice board in your room.

The mealtimes are:
Breakfast: from: 07.15 am 
Lunch: from: 11.15 am
Dinner: from: 04.30 pm

Your catering as private patients is eligible:   
To your well-being and your recovery, we prepare your meals appetizing with the highest quality and restaurant level. Beside the food menu on the notice board in your room, our kitchen offers the following:

  • Different breakfast and dinner menus
  • 3 warm main meals for lunch (Vegetarian, fish, meat)
  • A fresh fruit plate daily
  • Coffee with cake in the afternoon
  • Cold drinks in the room

The service staff will note your food wishes daily. In case of necessary medical rules, for example the need of restricted diet, one of our qualified diet assistants can help you in choosing the right food for you.

Nourishment /diet consultation:
During your stay on the ward, there will be diet assistants who offer the suitable food consultation for you either on your request or on medical arrangement. The most important point is metabolic disorder, like hyperlipidaemia, pancreatic diabetes, raised body weight and high blood pressure.

Appointment arrangement by the diet department, can be done through the ward Staff.

The Ronald McDonald house at the German Heart Centre Munich

The German Heart Centre Munich offers a special service for parents of children undergoing surgery at the German Heart Centre Munich: They may stay with their child in one of the apartments of the Ronald Mc Donald house, which is located on the grounds of the hospital.
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School for sick children in Munich

Education, lessons and support for sick children and adolescents
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Social services

Our staff in Social services are available to help and advise you as well as organise your application for rehabilitation following inpatient treatment.
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