Welcome to the Department for congenital and pediatric heart surgery

These pages are intended to familiarise you with the standards of heart surgery for which we are responsible and with the people who put them into practice everyday.

You will learn about how we proceed for various clinical pictures, which staff members are involved and how, and about what matters, whether in the repair of heart valves or in the surgery of congenital heart defects.

These pages cannot and are not intended to give you more than a first impression of the challenges represented by cardiac surgery today. They cannot replace the personal dialogue with our physicians, nurses, perfusionists or any other staff members. On the contrary, we wish to encourage you to contact us directly. You can find the proper contact person for dealing with your queries regarding heart surgery on the pages "Contact us" and "Team". Talk to us.

Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Hörer
Director of the Department