Welcome to the Department of Paediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects

For nearly 30 years, the Department of Paediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects has delivered a top-rate medical performance at the highest international standard. Patients of all ages with congenital heart defects receive around the clock medical care from very experienced specialists, including a team of paediatricians, paediatric cardiologists and cardiologists.

Performing more than 550 heart operations in children and adolescents, more than 400 of which are on-pump, approx. 200 in neonates and infants as well as about 800 cardiac catheterisations annually including 300 interventions, our department is leading the way in Germany and ranks among the best European heart centres of its kind.

However, our goal is not just to provide optimal diagnostics and treatment for our patients, but also to offer them extensive support and medical care in their personal and social environment:

  • My staff and I place great emphasis on winning the trust of the children and their parents so that we can successfully perform the required treatment. Children only open up if they trust their physician. With our integrity, honesty, openness and helpfulness we hope to alleviate their understandable fear and give them confidence in this, often life-threatening, moment of their lives.   
  • Alongside our excellent medical expertise, our department also has a team of experienced psychologists, play therapists, teachers and nursing staff at its disposal to help prevent psychological trauma in our patients and their relatives. We want patients to forget their pain while enjoying themselves with the hospital clowns who visit the wards once a week or with attractive games and a library as well as an up to date computer.
  • In order to improve communication between parents and health professionals, we arrange regular training for our physicians and weekly rounds of talks with parents. Our contact nurse mediates social interactions for patients during their inpatient stay and aftercare treatment.
  • Accommodation for parents is available in the parent-child rooms on our wards on in our Ronald McDonald House close to the wards.

Despite our best efforts, however, we are unable to successfully solve all problems with which we are confronted. Nevertheless, in view of the complexity of the heart defects treated by us, the mortality rate of the department of which I am in charge is very low at well below three percent: Only five hospitals in the whole world achieve such a low rate.

Integrated in our department is another speciality offering in- and outpatient treatment for adults with congenital heart defects which is run by an experienced cardiologist.

Our own research facility applies itself to the current topic of the molecular basis of congenital heart defects.
Every semester our committed team of physicians imparts state of the art knowledge relating to paediatric cardiology to medical students at the Technical University and Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, also within the context of the model project for "problem-oriented learning" at the Technical University of Munich to which we are affiliated.

You are welcome to gather information on topics of your interest from the following internet pages, and after a personal talk with me and my department staff, to join us in or to continue our cooperation based on trust.

DHM Unterschrift Prof. Dr. med. P. Ewert

Prof. Dr. Peter Ewert
Director of department