Emergency admission

As a rule, patients are referred to the German Heart Centre by their GPs or specialists, a pre-treatment clinic or per ambulance/helicopter through the emergency dispatch centre.

Of course you can go to the Accident and Emergency Department without a referral if you are suffering from a critical or life-threatening cardiovascular condition.

The Accident and Emergency Department, cardiac catheterisation laboratory and operating theatres are open around the clock.

Competent specialists are always on hand at the German Heart Centre (specialist standard). They conduct a preliminary examination, and additional tests as required. Once the attending physicians have viewed the test results, they will decide whether outpatient treatment or admission to a general ward or intensive care unit is required.

If you do not need to be admitted, after the initial treatment you will be discharged home with a therapy recommendation. Your GP or specialist will then provide further medical care.

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
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Department of Cardiovascular Diseases
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Department of Paediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects
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